Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC)

Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) assists the Ohio DOT in developing a project selection process for ODOT’s largest investments. The TRAC, chaired by ODOT’s Director, also approves Major New projects (cost more than $12 million) for funding. TRAC is looking at applications more systemically, as part of a multi-modal transportation system. The new scoring criteria are designed to more readily consider projects of various modes – highways, bridges, passenger rail, transit, and freight projects – to compete for funding.

2022 TRAC Program Funds

On May 1, 2022 ODOT will begin soliciting for Major New Capacity (TRAC) projects.  The Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) was established by the Ohio General Assembly in 1997, and charged with developing and overseeing a project selection process for major new transportation capacity projects, or projects in what is now known as the “Major New Capacity program.”  These are projects costing more than $12 million which add transportation capacity, and are critical to the mobility, economic development, and quality of life of the citizens of Ohio.

The purpose of this process is for MVRPC to establish a prioritized list of projects which will be submitted as requests for TRAC funding.  The intent of this process is to present the list in a timely fashion in a format that is useful to the TRAC and contains projects that are eligible for funding.

Procedure for Submitting Major New Capacity Projects and Existing Projects

The 2022 TRAC Application Cycle opens on Sunday, May 1, 2022 and will close on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. TRAC Applications are web based, only available through the TRAC website.

During the 2022 application cycle, TRAC will only accept applications that meet one of the following criteria:

  1. The project is an existing TRAC funded project (Tier I, II or III) and additional funds are needed to advance the project to the next stage of development.

  2. A new project that demonstrates significant impact to jobs, regional economic impact and has significant non-ODOT funding commitments.

  3. Extra consideration will be given to projects with non-ODOT funding commitments in the amount of 30% or greater of the total project cost

A full copy of the TRAC applications, supporting documents and all MVRPC PES scoring documents should be submitted electronically by the project sponsor to the respective ODOT Districts and MVRPC by May 31, 2022.  The original application and all other attachments are required in PDF file format.  Project sponsors must provide a resolution endorsing the submittal of the TRAC application.  If the resolution is not available by May 31, 2022, please coordinate delivery of the resolution as soon as possible following the next local council, commission, or trustees meeting.

2022 TRAC Project Submittal

Below are all documents necessary for TRAC project submittal.  Project sponsors who wish to submit TRAC requests are required to self-score their projects using the PES scoring system.

Documents for 2022 TRAC Project Submittal
  1. Online ODOT TRAC 2022 Application
Supporting Documents
  1. MVRPC TRAC Policy and Procedures
  2. PES Roadway scoring

Click to access MVRPC’s PES Online Mapping roadway service in order to complete the TRAC Roadway Project Evaluation System sheets.  For more information on ODOT TRAC’s Policy and Procedures, visit the TRAC website at:

For Questions Contact:

ODOT District 7: Matt Parrill,

ODOT District 8: Keith Smith,

MVRPC: Brad Daniel,

REMINDER – As TRAC requires that any project advocate that lies within the boundaries of an MPO must prove acknowledgement of the application by the MPO, MVRPC must be copied on all TRAC application submittals.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brad Daniel or Ana Ramirez at 937-223-6323.