Priority Development and Advocacy Committee (PDAC) Process Solicitation


The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission works with the Dayton Regional Priority Development and Advocacy Committee (PDAC), and other organizations throughout the region to identify projects that may be eligible for federal and state funding.  The purpose of this process is to establish a list of mature and eligible projects which benefit the region and to present the list in a timely fashion in a format that is useful to the federal and state elected officials.  The list will be categorized to help guide the officials on regional needs.

The partnership of MVRPC and other regional agencies has successfully obtained over $71.9 million dollars in funding, through this process. Click here for a list of regionally significant projects awarded over the last several years.

MVRPC is the lead agency for reviewing the Transportation and Government Services projects. Transportation projects include surface, air, rail, transit, and pedestrian transportation-related projects. Government Services projects include criminal justice, first responders, community and neighborhood infrastructure, and K-12 education projects. The Transportation and Government Services review panel will qualitatively evaluate proposed projects by the importance of the project and by the impact it will have in the Region based on the information that is provided by the project sponsor on the PDAC questionnaire. The list of recommended priorities will then be sent to the MVRPC Board of Directors for final review and adoption followed by submittal to the Dayton Regional PDAC.

PDAC Solicitation Process

Below are all documents necessary for project submittal.

Please complete the PDAC request questionnaires at by 5:00 PM November 3, 2023. 

PDAC Guidance

  1. The Transportation and Government Services Review Panel is seeking regionally scoped projects not locally scoped projects.
  2. Transportation and Government Services projects that provide no local match will not reach above a recommended categorization.