Section 5310 Funding Information

The purpose of the Section 5310 Specialized Transportation Program is to enhance mobility for older adults and persons with disabilities. The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) and the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (GDRTA) are transitioning the grant administration of the 5310 program to The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), beginning with the CY 2023 cycle which opens on February 9, 2022.

Any subrecipients who previously applied through MVRPC and GDRTA for 5310 funds will now apply directly to ODOT.

Read letter from MVRPC to MPO Subrecipients

Here are some key points related to the transition:

  • ODOT will now manage the annual 5310 application and award process. Subrecipients who wish to apply for 5310 awards must complete the Letter of Intent (LOI) to determine eligibility.  The ODOT – Office of Transit is now accepting Letters of Intent for the SFY/CY 2023 Funding Cycle. LOI’s were due Friday, February 25, 2022, at 11:59pm.The LOI is required prior to an applicant applying for grant funding offered through the Office of Transit grant programs. The link to the ODOT LOI portal is:

  • ODOT Office of Transit staff will conduct a Mandatory Application Workshop to provide an overview of the program, discuss eligible projects, and how to apply for grant projects. The workshop will also give potential and existing subrecipients the opportunity to ask questions about the program. ODOT will communicate the date of this workshop to eligible subrecipients who have completed the LOI process.
  • Once the LOI has been accepted by ODOT and prospective applicants have attended the mandatory workshop, they will be given a unique password to access the CY 2023 Funding Application. Applications for CY2023 will be due May 13, 2022, at 11:59pm.

  • Projects located in the region will still receive the entire 5310 fund allocations for 5310 objectives as in years past and will be available for applicants to apply for annually.

  • MVRPC will continue to provide technical support for the Human Service Transportation Council (HSTC) and all 5310 providers. We will assist with making the application process as clear and consistent as possible. MVRPC will work with ODOT to make local recommendations for projects to receive 5310 award funding.

ODOT Section 5310 Resources



For more information regarding ODOT’s Section 5310 Program including additional information about the upcoming funding cycle, please contact Kierra Branch, ODOT Section 5310 Program Coordinator at or 614.387.5190.

For more MVRPC support, questions regarding previously awarded vehicles or the HSTC, please contact Serena Anderson, Transportation Coordination Planner at or 937.531.6524