About Going Places

Over the years, MVRPC has addressed many regional issues by developing collaborative policies and strategies. In 2007, MVRPC’s Board of Directors recognized that the region needed a plan to improve its ability to coordinate planning efforts, attract people and jobs, and stay competitive in a changing global economy. This led to Going Places—An Integrated Land Use Vision for the Miami Valley Region. The goal of Going Places was to accomplish three major results: an understanding of regional trends and issues, a shared future land use vision for the year 2040, and a set of implementation tools. Going Places took a collaborative planning approach that involved a broad cross-section of participants.


MVRPC’s first regional land use planning activities date back to late 60s and early 70s with a series of planning documents and reports. Since then, due to lack of funding, no regional land use planning activities were carried out.  

Over the last several decades, the Miami Valley Region went from a manufacturing-dominated boom period to economic decline and population loss. While struggling to reinvent its economy the region developed like it was growing. During the last four decades, the region experienced less than 1% in population growth in contrast to an 83% increase in developed land. The sprawl effect resulted in thinning tax bases with higher service expenditures that have weakened the region’s economic stability.


MVRPC staff, working with the Going Places Steering Committee and Planning Advisory Committee, carried out a three-phase scenario planning process and they are:

  • Phase I – Existing Condition Assessment: Physical and Non-Physical Condition Evaluation
  • Phase II – Future Landscape Exploration: Future Land Use Scenario Development and Assessment
  • Phase III – Building a Clear and Shared Regional Land Use Framework

During each step Going Places provided forums for people living and working in the Region to participate in planning. The public was invited to participate in the process through open houses, workshops, symposiums, and surveys. Going Places continually sought to increase awareness about the issues we face and shared the project’s progress through a variety of forums. The committees’ work created stronger relationships and collaboration amongst our region’s leadership. Going Places positively changed the direction in how we communicate and work together as a region.


This initiative looks at MVRPC’s Metropolitan Planning Organization area, which includes Greene, Miami and Montgomery counties plus a portion of northern Warren County.

The two major outcomes of Going Places are: a shared regional vision that reflects what people want our Region to become, and a set of 11 implementation tools that are needed to make this vision a reality.

A Shared Regional Vision: The Concentrated Development Vision

People, no matter where they live or work, expressed important values that are shared all across the Region. These became the guiding principles of the Concentrated Development Vision:

  • Build on the Region’s many assets
  • Maximize the use of existing infrastructure
  • Preserve agricultural land and open space
  • Encourage community connection and cooperation

Eleven Implementation Tools

Going Places committees identified a set of eleven implementation tools to address what has been missing and what is needed in the future to plan with a regional perspective and support the Concentrated Development Vision. The tools address the following major needs:

  • Provide better information for strong decision making
  • Strengthen regional collaboration
  • Build the Region’s capacity for solutions


For additional information about the Going Places initiative, contact Martin Kim, MVRPC's Director of Regional Planning at (937) 223-6323 or mkim@mvrpc.org.