Miami Valley Age-Friendly Network

The Miami Valley Age-Friendly Network (MVAFN), an initiative of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission's Institute for Livable and Equitable Communities, is a coalition of communities, partners and stakeholders who will work together to establish and implement age-friendly strategies for our region. Becoming an age-friendly region means that, together, we will strive to make needed changes in our communities to ensure that we can all live better as we age. We encourage community leaders, elected officials, administrators, department directors, and community members to represent their community on the MVAFN. In 2022, funding will become available for MVRPC member organizations who are active in the MVAFN to implement demonstration projects which advance equity, livability and age-friendliness in their communities.

Meeting Schedule

The MVAFN will convene quarterly via Zoom to provide opportunities for communities and organizations in the Miami Valley to learn more and join a regional effort to promote age-friendly policies, places and programs. To find meeting information please see the 'Institute Committees' tab on the Committee Center. 


January 11, 2023 - Meeting Summary
October 12, 2022 - Meeting Summary
July 13, 2022 - Meeting Summary
April 13, 2022 - Meeting Summary
January 12, 2022 - Meeting Summary
October 13, 2021 - Meeting Summary


How to Get Involved

Every community or organization is different and therefore the MVAFN will meet people where they are in the continuum of age-friendly work. The MVAFN has a place for everyone to join in the journey.
Below are general strategies for getting involved:

Learn: more about age-friendly communities by attending quarterly meetings (see Meeting Schedule)
Assess: existing conditions, programs, policies & services by implementing surveys or assessments of your community
Reframe: aging by changing the narrative by changing the language around aging and education the importance of older adults
Engage: older adults in decision-making processes by bringing older adults to join decision-making councils, advisory boards, etc.
Work Together: on strategic partnerships, programs & plans to make your community or organization more age-friendly
Commit: to becoming a designated age-friendly community by joining the national Network of Age-Friendly States & Communities through AARP/WHO


AARP Network of Age-Friendly States & Communities:

AARP Livability Index:

Age-Friendly World Health Organization:


To learn more about the Miami Valley Age Friendly Initiative, please contact Donna Kastner at  or Serena Anderson at