Equity Initiative Activities

Recent activities from the Regional Equity Initiative are highlighted below.

MVRPC Board Unanimously Passes Resolution

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) board of directors unanimously passes a resolution on equity, diversity, and inclusion in October 2020. Although most resolutions are public statements, MVRPC’s resolution essentially gives MVRPC staff political cover to advance equity.

See more at https://www.mvrpc.org/news/general-news/miami-valley-regional-planning-c...

USEPA and MVRPC Partner on EJ Academy

MVRPC and USEPA Region 5 agree to co-sponsor an “Environmental Justice Academy” in the Miami Valley. The Academy will be a multi-month, capacity building and organization development training for citizens, and it will target impacted populations. Currently, the Environmental Justice Academy Network has 66 alumni

See more at https://www.epa.gov/oh/ej-academy

Undesign the Redline Exhibit

Learn 2 Earn Dayton makes a commitment to securing the “Undesign the Redline" Exhibit.  The exhibit will tour the Dayton region for six months from August 2021 to February 2021.  Exhibit locations include:  Dayton Metro Library; Sinclair Community College; University of Dayton; and Wright State University.

See more at http://www.designingthewe.com/undesign-the-redline

REI Recognizes City of Dayton "Roots of Racism" Video Series

Mayor Nan Whaley launched the three-part “Roots of Racism Series” which laid bare how past laws and public policies were injurious to minority populations as well as how the ripple effects from the policies currently impact the city. MVRPC recognized Mayor Whaley for starting this courageous conversation.

See more at https://www.facebook.com/daytondailynews/videos/2776448602625464/

Romero Human Rights Awards

The Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton sponsors the 2021 Romero Human Rights Awards.  The nomination theme is environmental justice.  MVRPC helped the Human Rights Center to secure twenty-four nominations.

See more at https://udayton.edu/blogs/udhsi/20-10-29-romero.php

REI Manager Featured on APA video series

ombudsman interviewThe Regional Equity Initiative Manager at the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission is featured in the American Planning Association’s “Voice of Equity in Planning” video series.  The manager comments on the staying power of equity as a topic and affirms 2020 is not a momentary trend.  The American Planning Association has 40,000 members.

View the Series at  https://www.planning.org/diversity/voices-of-equity/#Eley