Facilitation Services

MVRPC’s staff provides professional facilitation services for member jurisdictions using the Compression Planning methodology.  Some examples where these services could be provided:

  • Projects or issues that include multiple jurisdictions with varied interests;
  • Opportunities of regional significance that require input from multiple stakeholders;
  • Collaborative efforts to address issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries that could be addressed more effectively through resource sharing, contracting or other cooperative arrangements; and
  • Challenges that require a quick response and input from multiple stakeholders.

Facilitation Success Story

In 2014, MVRPC staff facilitated a sub-committee of the First Suburbs Consortium on the topic of “Best Practices in Community Enrichment.”  Based on the outcome of that session, the First Suburbs Consortium developed a Community Enrichment Best Practices Resource Guide which was made available for all of the First Suburbs member jurisdictions.  This Resource Guide allows jurisdictions to share information about “what’s worked” to support their residents, with a special emphasis on families and school-aged youth.