Our Vision



Though our Region is made up of diverse entities, each with unique qualities, we are united by our similarities. Together, we comprise one community – the Greater Miami Valley Region. Founded upon the principles of regional collaboration, cooperation, and consensus building, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) serves as the common ground where area partners come together to work toward a shared vision across the Region. Together, public and private partners develop and implement innovative and sustainable strategies that enhance the Region’s quality of life and economic vitality.


Our Board of Directors’ decisions, through strategic partnerships and staff efforts, contribute to the advancement of the Region’s economic vitality, enhanced quality of life, strong sense of place, and expanded opportunities that attract and retain talented individuals and organizations to the Miami Valley Region.


MVRPC promotes collaboration among communities, stakeholders, and residents to advance regional priorities. MVRPC is a forum and resource where the Board of Directors identifies priorities and develops public policy and collaborative strategies to improve quality of life throughout the Miami Valley Region.


Our values describe how MVRPC conducts business:

Integrity - We maintain high ethics, a fair and balanced approach to issues, and strong standards of professionalism in all aspects of the agency’s work for the betterment of the Region.

Transparency - We ensure that the public has the opportunity to observe, debate, question, and participate in the agency’s planning process.

Inclusion - We seek the active participation and contribution of all groups in the regional planning process.

Diversity - We welcome alternate views and seek input from participants of diverse race, income, jurisdiction, age, or ability.

Innovation - We seek and offer creative and innovative solutions in the regional planning process through expanded use of technology, improved processes, and adapted methods from other fields or regions


1.    Regional Stewardship - We think regionally while discussing and making decisions on issues that affect the Miami Valley Region Our members collaborate on regional topics that improve service delivery and quality of life in our communities.


  • Foster Regional Thinking – We conduct planning studies and provide outreach opportunities for education, collaboration, and discussion of topics as a Region.
  • Transcend Boundaries - We facilitate and provide technical support to local communities to assist their efforts to coordinate development and infrastructure design for the benefit of everyone.
  • Discover Shared Solutions - We develop, advocate, and promote responsive and collaborative approaches to specific regional problems.
  • Develop Regional Priorities - We address regional needs that further the shared social, economic, transportation and environmental goals of the Region.

2.    Vibrant Communities – We leverage the considerable resources of the Miami Valley Region, public, and private funding to nurture and enhance our Region as well as our communities.


  • Promote Transportation Choices - We pursue continued development of a strong multi-modal network in the Region to ensure that people and goods reach their destinations safely, securely and efficiently.
  • Attract Infrastructure Funding - We maintain and upgrade the regional transportation system by setting funding priorities and providing funding for safety, security, congestion relief, aesthetic, and capacity improvements.
  • Promote the Transportation and Land Use Vision - We promote MVRPC’s adopted policies for regional land use, transportation, and other topics.
  • Support local planning efforts – We support local planning efforts and offer technical expertise, when requested, to expand planning capabilities across the Region. 

3.    Partnerships – We partner with business, civic, and governmental organizations and jurisdictions resulting in relationships and synergies leading to shared initiatives and engagement.


  • Expand our partnerships with business and development organizations - We partner with business organizations such as the Dayton Development Coalition and area chambers of commerce in support of efforts to attract and retain business in the Region by addressing transportation needs and providing planning services that enhance economic development and improve quality of life in the Miami Valley Region.
  • Expand our partnerships with civic organizations and professional associations - We partner with civic organizations and associations including American Planning Association, Ohio’s Great Corridor, Ohio Association of Regional Councils and others to network and bring solutions and opportunities that add value to the Miami Valley Region.
  • Expand our existing partnerships with government - We work with numerous local, state, and federal government partners and other organizations such as the Region’s transit authorities, Miami Conservancy District, and park districts to implement projects and related services.

4.    Sustainable Solutions and Environment – MVRPC will focus on preserving and enhancing the valuable ecosystem services that benefit the residents of the Miami Valley Region.  The natural environment provides valuable ecosystem services to our Region that when properly preserved and protected, help to filter our water and air, moderate temperature extremes, store carbon and protect valuable topsoil. 


  • Effective clean air programs - We encourage alternative fuels and transportation to reduce emissions and reliance on petroleum-based products.
  • Protect water resources – By working with our partners, we endeavor to protect the buried valley aquifer and the recharge systems which sustain it.
  • Protect the natural environment - We will expand our partnerships to provide best practices and innovative solutions to preserve the vital services of natural systems, such as open spaces, riparian corridors, floodplains, wetlands and forested areas.
  • Encourage eco-friendly design practices – We will encourage infrastructure designs that support ecosystem services such as green storm water management, urban forestry and stream restoration while protecting the infrastructure from natural disasters.
  • Promote energy efficiency – We promote and practice reducing the Region’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency and use of low- and no-carbon energy sources.

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