Human Services Transportation Coordination Council

The Human Services Transportation Coordination (HSTC) Council was formed to improve transportation options for older-adults, people with mobility challenges due to ability and income, in part by implementing the recommendations of the Regional Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan.

The HSTC Council and the Greater Region Mobility Initiative meet quarterly to provide input on making specialized transportation improvements and to share information concerning transportation for non-drivers. The committee is open to public, private and non-profit transportation providers, as well seniors and individuals with disabilities and advocates for those groups.  This Council discusses the transportation needs of the populations identified above and makes recommendations on how to meet those needs in a coordinated fashion. 

To find meeting information please see the 'Mobility & Environment' tab on the Committee Center. 

Committee Benefits

One of the benefits of being a Council member is that members are also made aware of transportation funding opportunities, including the recently revamped Section 5310 program, known now as Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities. Active participation in the Human Services Transportation Coordination Council, including attendance at the quarterly meetings, is mandatory in order for an entity to request and potentially receive Section 5310 funding in Greene, Miami, Montgomery and northern Warren Counties or to be eligible to provide services contracted through the 5310 program.  

Other benefits of being a Council member include networking with other agencies involved in specialized transportation, having ongoing input into the coordination planning process, identifying potential coordination or contracting opportunities, receiving updates on innovative transportation efforts and being made aware of resources and training opportunities regarding specialized transportation. Meetings are typically held the fourth Tuesday in February, May, August and November.  Exact time and location may vary and will be announced to Council members several weeks prior to the meeting.  Meeting details will also appear on MVRPC’s website.

For more information about membership in the HSTC Council, or if you have questions about the  Section 5310 program,  please contact Serena Anderson, Transportation Coordination Planner at or 937.531.6524.