Areawide Water Quality Management Plan

In accordance with the Water Pollution Control Act amendments of 1972, MVRPC serves as the Designated Water Quality Planning Agency for the 5 county Miami Valley Region. In this role MVRPC prepared and continually maintains the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan (AWQMP).

The Miami Valley region is organized into 5 Basin Planning Areas.

The Plan consists of a central document plus a series of linked documents, reports, studies, and maps that describe the Miami Valley Region’s water resources, identify sources of surface and groundwater pollution, recommend strategies for addressing them. A major element of the Plan is the individual Wastewater Treatment Facility Plans that are developed and maintained by the wastewater treatment providers in the Miami Valley Region. These Plans outline protocols for providing centralized wastewater treatment in efficient manners that also protect valuable water resources.

The AWQMP was formally updated in 2011, in a fourteen-month planning process resulting in a streamlined document. The plan update also included an update to the GIS mapping of facility planning areas covered in the five counties. Links to the plan chapters are provided below and the GIS information can be viewed on the MVRPC Online Planning Support System, available on the MVRPC web site.

Areawide Water Quality Management Plan Documents

Periodically the Plan is amended, see more information on the Areawide Managment Plan Amendment page.