Statewide and County Resources

There are many State and County level GIS data sources available online. MVRPC has aggregated a list for easy access to some useful data sources.

Statewide services: 

Ohio Department of Natural Resources GIS data services: 

Download statewide imagery via the Ohio Statewide Imagery Program  (OSIP 2):

OGRIP GIS data services:

County Data:

Butler County:

Butler County GIS web site:

Clark County:

Clark County Auditor’s Office:

GIS data downloads:

Darke County:

Darke County Auditor’s Office:

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Email contact:

Greene County:

Greene County GIS:

Miami County:

GIS web site:

GIS contact email:

Montgomery County:

Montgomery County Auditor’s Office:

GIS data download web site:

Montgomery County Engineer’s Office, Contours-

Montgomery County Engineer’s Office, Land Records-

Montgomery County Engineer’s Office, Geodetic Control-

Preble County:

Preble County Auditor’s Office:

GIS data downloads:

Warren County: 

Warren County GIS web site: